Epsilon Chapter Celebrates Centennial

 On April 17-19, Epsilon chapter celebrated our Centennial Celebration, one hundred years on Mount Union's campus. Many generations of alumni, from the 1940s to as early as 2014 all came back to be a part of the history. Notable alumni include Ron Clutter, Dan Keller and Harry Paidas, who constantly stay involved in the organization and the University. Throughout the weekend, many activities were planned to both honor and celebrate our heritage.

     The initial celebration of our Founder’s Day began on Friday, April 17. On this day, alumni began arriving at the house. In the late evening, the house was packed with alumni and active brother alike, where you would hear the sharing of old stories, glances at composites or touring of our new house. As 7 p.m. rolled around, brothers began heading up to our chapter room to have an open chapter with our alumni to show them how we run our meetings. During our open chapter, each position stated new events coming up as well as informing the alumni of our previous achievements associated with each position. As chapter came to a close, we gave our annual gavel pass where each brother gets to speak what’s on their mind. Current brothers spoke of thanks, while many alumni spoke of praise to our accomplishments and how proud they were. Chapter was soon followed by the initiation of two graduate members into the ranks of Phi Kappa Tau. The closing of initiation lead to mingling with alumni.

     The second day came in strong and quick. With a light lunch underway and more mingling taking place, brothers were kept busy. Even President Giese and his wife deiced to stop by to see old friends and congratulate us on our celebration. As lunch concluded, the tours of campus began. Numerous alumni wanted to see the changes to campus as well as seeing buildings named after notable alum such as Gallaher Hall, Shields Hall and Clutter Manor. Following the end of the tours, brothers began to gather for the senior speeches. This is where the current senior graduating class gives their final goodbyes and remarks towards all that has happened to them in their years as a brother. Seniors Nick Bester, Donnell Carter, Harrison Falconer, Greg Koman, Anthony Ocacio, and Brian Ruhe all gave their thanks and last goodbyes to all those in the room. Concluding the final day was a banquet in the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex where we had members from the national office present and notable alumni who discussed their history with our fraternity and how much we’ve gone through tough times, to being Maxwell status. We ended with a candle light ceremony remembering our founders and those who were in Chapter Eternal.