Mount Union and a local sorority, Delta Sigma Tau, hosted their first ever Taco Tuesday on March 15, 2016.

Taco Tuesday was led by Philanthropy Chairman Mike Sovak, Mount Union ’15 and Vice President of Philanthropy Nicole Siliko of Delta Sigma Tau. At the event, guests paid $5 and were allowed to eat unlimited tacos and socialize with one another.

“Nicole and I worked great together in order to make sure that all bases were covered. No one organization did more work than the other.” Sovak said.

Brothers and sisters showed up at the United Methodist Church to work together for their philanthropies. Many were in the back making the food and serving as people came up to the counter. When the kitchen got too full, many brothers and sisters mingled with their guests and cleaned up as they left. Throughout the night, approximately 450 guests were in attendance.

By the end of the nigh, Epsilon and Delta Sigma Tau raised $2,048 which was split to $1,024 between each organization. Epsilon will be sending their money to SeriousFun Camps and Delta Sigma Tau will be donating it to their philanthropy Akron’s Children Hospital. Both chapters plan on hosting this event again next spring.

“The support which was shown from our entire campus was phenomenal and we can’t wait for next year’s event.” Sovak said.